Since 1997 when the first case of bird flu, or avian flu, was reported to have been distributed to people, health care professionals have been beginning to have a look at which kind of hospital pandemic influenza plans will need to be in place to best serve their communities. Even though there’s absolutely no immediate danger of bird flu virus spreading broadly into the human population, it is reassuring to be conscious that hospital pandemic influenza plans are being made australia visa fees for indian.

However, because of inherent limitations in case of a pandemic influenza presentation, it’s highlighted that personal pandemic preparations should always be considered a first line of defense. Article Source: Because of concerns about accessible vaccine and the chance that health care services may be spread very thin in a pandemic flu outbreak, personal pandemic preparations also have to be considered by individuals and households.

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Sian Griffiths, director of Hong Kong’s School of Public Health at the Chinese University, believes that the best method for stopping the spread of a bird flu pandemic is actually quite simple: good hygiene. Careful washing of hands and avoiding touching eyes, mouth or nose may significantly reduce the potential spread of influenza of any sort. Additionally, avoid close contact with those who are already sick or showing symptoms. lee mas Covering the mouth and nose with tissue when coughing or sneezing will also help limit the spread. Clean your hands. kenya evisa